Get the Best Tips and Tricks for Creating Affordable Merchandise on a Budget

How to make cheap merch

Are you a musician or artist looking to create your own merchandise? Whether you want to promote your new album or sell custom t-shirts with your artwork, there are affordable options available. In this article, we will explore some free or low-cost methods to make cheap merch that will help you promote your brand.

One of the most popular choices for making cheap merch is screen printing. Many companies offer their services to customers at a low cost, giving you the opportunity to select the colors, sizes, and designs you want. Some even provide special offers like free setup or a minimum order requirement. With screen printing, you can choose between long or short sleeve t-shirts, and select from a variety of sizes ranging from youth to adult. This method allows the artwork to come out vibrant and authentic on a cotton piece of clothing.

If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, you can consider heat press. Heat press machines are simple to use and can be done manually, offering you the ability to create custom designs on demand. With heat press, you can make t-shirts, hoodies, or any other physical merch item you want. This method is especially popular for those starting out or bands who want to create a lot of merch for their shows.

Another affordable option for making cheap merch is to offer a giveaway or a lottery. Many artists and musicians use this strategy to promote their brand and engage with their fans. You can give away a special item such as signed drumsticks, setlists, or even a mystery prize. This not only helps you increase your fan base, but it also generates excitement and buzz around your brand.

Lastly, one creative way to make cheap merch is to repurpose leftover materials from other projects. For example, if you have extra books or CDs from an album release, you can turn them into unique and limited-edition merch items. This not only saves you money but also gives your fans something exclusive that they can’t get anywhere else.

Cheap Custom T-shirts

When it comes to making cheap merchandise, one of the most popular choices is custom T-shirts. They are a simple and creative way to give fans something physical to remember a tour or album by.

Starting with a blank T-shirt, you have a lot of choices to make it custom and unique. First, you can select from a variety of colors and sizes, from youth to adult and even tall sizes. Then, just add your artwork or logo to the front or back of the shirt. This can be done either through manual printing or by using a heat press.

One of the cheapest and most common brands for custom T-shirts is Gildan. They offer a wide range of sizes and colors, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect shirt for your fans. Another option is Hanes, which also provides affordable and high-quality T-shirts.

When ordering custom T-shirts, some companies have a minimum order requirement. However, there are also websites that allow you to order just one piece. This is especially helpful if you only need a few shirts for a special event or giveaway.

For those who are more creative, you can also try offering cheap mystery T-shirts. This involves selling T-shirts with a random design or artwork, so customers won’t know what they will get until they open the package. This can be a fun and exciting experience for fans and can drive up sales.

If you are on a tight budget, you can also consider offering T-shirts as a prize in a lottery or giveaway. This can help build excitement and engagement among your fans, and they would be thrilled to win an authentic piece of merch.

Custom T-shirts are not just for adults; you can also offer options for women, youth, and even infants. This ensures that all of your fans can find a T-shirt that fits them perfectly.

In conclusion, custom T-shirts are a cheap and popular way to make merchandise for your fans. With a wide range of choices in sizes, colors, and printing options, you can create unique and affordable shirts that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

A Heat Press

A heat press is a simple and popular tool used for printing custom merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, and more. It is a manual machine that uses heat and pressure to transfer artwork onto various materials.

When it comes to making cheap merch, a heat press can be a great help. It allows you to create custom t-shirts for your fans or customers, offering them a physical and authentic piece of your music or brand.

With a heat press, you can easily print your artwork on t-shirts of different sizes and colors. You can select t-shirts from popular brands like Gildan, Hanes, or even choose to go with more eco-friendly options like organic cotton.

Whether you are ordering t-shirts for an upcoming tour, a special album release, or just to give away as a prize, a heat press can help you fulfill the custom order. You can offer a wide range of sizes from youth to adult, including tall and womens sizes, ensuring that everyone can find their favorite fit.

One of the advantages of using a heat press is that it allows you to print on-demand. This means that you don’t have to worry about minimum order quantities or leftover inventory. You can simply print the t-shirts as your customers place their orders, saving you money and reducing the risk of a merch scam.

In addition to t-shirts, a heat press can also be used to print on other merch items like drumsticks, books, or select mystery prizes. It gives you the flexibility to be creative and offer a lot of variety to your fans.

If you are just starting out and don’t have a physical store or website to sell your merch, you can use a heat press to set up a lottery or giveaway. You can offer special limited-edition t-shirts as a prize, encouraging your fans to participate and engage with your brand.

Overall, a heat press is a valuable tool for any artist or band looking to make cheap merch. It allows you to be creative, offer custom orders, and give your fans something special. So if you’ve been thinking about adding merch to your repertoire, investing in a heat press is definitely worth considering.

Custom physical merch

Custom physical merch

If you have a band or an artist page, selling custom physical merch can be a great way to engage with your fans and make some extra money. Offering unique and creative items can make your merch stand out and give people something special to remember your music or tour. In this article, we will explore a variety of options for custom physical merch and how to make them on a tight budget.

T-shirts are a popular choice for custom merch, and for good reason – they are easy to design and produce, and people love wearing them. To make cheap t-shirts, you can start with blank Gildan or Hanes shirts. These brands offer a wide range of sizes, from youth XS to adult 4XL, ensuring that all your customers can find a suitable fit. You can select from a variety of colors to add more choices for your fans.

Once you have the shirts, you can print your artwork or logo on them using a heat press or screen printing. While heat press requires a minimum investment in equipment, it is relatively simple to use and provides a professional and durable finish. Screen printing can be more cost-effective for larger orders, but it involves a more manual process and is best suited for those with some printing experience.

In addition to t-shirts, there are other custom merch options you can explore. You can create custom posters with your album artwork, or even offer mystery prize packs containing a mix of items such as drumsticks, setlists, or other authentic memorabilia. These mystery packs can be a fun way to engage with your fans and offer them something unique.

If you want to give your customers more choices, consider opening an online store on your website. This allows people to browse and purchase your merch at their convenience. To make your merch more enticing, you can offer special deals, such as free shipping or discounts for purchasing multiple items.

Creative merch ideas can come from unexpected sources. For example, you can repurpose leftover merch or materials from previous tours or projects. This not only helps reduce waste but also adds a unique touch to your merch. You can create one-of-a-kind pieces by combining different materials or adding hand-stitched elements.

To make your merch even more affordable, consider hosting contests or giveaways. You can offer a limited edition item or a prize such as a free concert ticket or a meet-and-greet opportunity. Contests can help generate excitement around your music and attract new fans.

When it comes to designing your custom physical merch, think about what resonates with your audience. You can use your album artwork, song lyrics, or even create designs inspired by your songs. The key is to create something that represents your brand and appeals to your fans.

In conclusion, creating custom physical merch doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can make unique and affordable items that your fans will love. Whether it’s t-shirts, posters, or mystery packs, offering custom merch helps strengthen your connection with your audience and gives them something tangible to remember you by.

Free Prize Scam

Have you ever received an email or seen an ad offering you a free prize? It may seem like a simple and exciting opportunity, but beware of the free prize scam. These scams often prey on people’s desire to get something for nothing, and can result in wasted time, money, and personal information.

The scam typically starts with a message or advertisement claiming that you have won a free prize, such as a t-shirt, a piece of artwork, or even a special mystery gift. They may use popular brands like Gildan or Hanes to lure customers in. However, the reality is that these prizes are often of low quality or non-existent.

To claim your “free” prize, you are usually required to provide personal information or complete certain tasks. This can include signing up for trials, purchasing products, or sharing sensitive information like your credit card details. In some cases, scammers might even ask for a fee to cover shipping and handling costs.

Another common tactic is to offer a “free” prize in exchange for ordering a minimum amount of merchandise. For example, they may say that if you buy two t-shirts, you will receive a third one for free. However, the cost of the merchandise is often inflated, so you end up paying more than you would for the same items elsewhere.

It’s important to be cautious and skeptical when encountering these free prize scams. Here are some tips to help you avoid falling victim:

  1. Research the company or website offering the prize. Look for reviews, customer experiences, and any negative feedback.
  2. Check if the offer is too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Be suspicious of requests for personal information or payment methods upfront.
  4. Read the fine print. Look for hidden costs and conditions that may apply.
  5. Don’t be pressured into making immediate decisions. Take your time to think it through.

Remember, genuine giveaways and promotions exist, but they usually come from reputable sources and have clear terms and conditions. If you want to get authentic merch or prizes related to your favorite artists, consider checking out their official websites or attending their concerts and tours. Many musicians offer a variety of merch options, from t-shirts to hats to drumsticks, and you can be guaranteed of the quality and authenticity of the items.

When it comes to making cheap merch, consider exploring other options like heat press printing or manual screen printing. These methods allow for more creative choices in artwork, colors, sizes, and styles. Additionally, you can select materials like 100% cotton or blends for a more comfortable and durable shirt.

So, the next time you come across a “free prize” offer, think twice. Avoid falling for the scam and protect yourself from potential harm.



When it comes to making cheap merch, there are a variety of sources you can turn to for materials and printing options. Here are some popular choices:

  1. T-shirt Suppliers: Hanes and Gildan are two popular suppliers that offer a wide range of colors and sizes, from youth to adult. They have a minimum order quantity, but their shirts are affordable and come in different styles like short sleeve and long sleeve.
  2. Printing Companies: There are many online printing companies that offer affordable services for custom merch. They use heat press or screen printing techniques to make your artwork pop on the shirts. Make sure to choose a reliable and authentic company, as there are scams out there.
  3. Leftover Tour Merch: If you’re lucky enough to have gone on tour or know someone who has, you can try to get leftover merch from their shows. This allows you to offer your customers a piece of the tour experience while making your merch more unique.
  4. Creative Giveaways: To drive more interest in your merch, consider offering creative giveaways. For example, you could have a mystery prize where customers who order a certain amount of merch are entered into a lottery to win a special item like signed setlists, drumsticks, or even an exclusive album.
  5. Cotton Suppliers: If you’re starting from scratch and want to make your own merch, sourcing cotton for making your own shirts is a cost-effective option. You can order cotton fabric in bulk and then use a sewing machine or manual techniques to create your custom t-shirts.
  6. Artwork Repurposing: If you have artwork or designs that you’ve used for other projects like books or album covers, consider repurposing them by printing them on your merch. This allows you to create a cohesive visual brand and make use of existing resources.

By utilizing these sources, you can make cheap merch that appeals to a wide range of people. Just remember to be open and flexible with your choices, and always prioritize the quality and satisfaction of your customers.

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