Step-by-Step Guide on Adding a Wikipedia Article – Everything You Need to Know

How to add wikipedia article

Wikipedia is a widely used online encyclopedia that allows users to contribute and edit articles on various topics. If you have a review, author, or any other source of information that you want to share with the world, adding it to Wikipedia can be a great way to get your content out there. In this article, we will guide you on how to add a Wikipedia article, including the necessary steps and important considerations.

Before you start adding your article, make sure you have a URL or a reliable source of information that you can reference. Wikipedia values accuracy and verifiability, so having credible sources is crucial. Additionally, take the time to familiarize yourself with the internal data structure of Wikipedia articles, such as how sections and references are organized.

To begin, go to the Wikipedia site and search for the topic or title of your article. If the page already exists but lacks the information you want to add, you can simply edit the existing page. However, if the page does not exist, it’s time to create a new article. Keep in mind that not all topics are accepted on Wikipedia, as the site has certain criteria for notability.

When creating a new article, start by checking if there are any similar or related articles on the site. This can help you avoid duplicating content and ensure that your article adds something new and relevant. Depending on the topic, you may also need to create a panel or infobox that summarizes key information about the subject.

While writing the article itself, pay attention to the language and tone used. Wikipedia articles typically have a neutral point of view and should not promote any specific agenda or opinion. Make sure to cite your sources within the text and provide references at the end of the article. This will help to establish the credibility and reliability of your content.

Once you have finished writing, take a moment to review your article for any errors or inconsistencies. It’s always a good idea to proofread your work and make any necessary changes before publishing. Remember, Wikipedia is a collaborative platform, so other editors may make further edits or additions to your article.

Adding a Wikipedia article can be a rewarding experience as it allows you to contribute valuable information to a widely read platform. Just remember to follow the guidelines, do thorough research, and ensure the accuracy of your content. Happy editing!

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist or Band

Creating a Wikipedia page for an artist or band can be a great way to showcase their work and gain attention from a wider audience. However, it is important to note that not all artists or bands are considered notable enough for a Wikipedia page. Before you start, make sure that the artist or band meets the criteria for notability set by Wikipedia.

When creating a Wikipedia page, it is crucial to gather all the necessary information about the artist or band. This includes their background, accomplishments, and any significant milestones in their career. It is also important to mention any awards or critical review that the artist or band has received.

One of the first steps in creating a Wikipedia page is to search for existing articles about the artist or band. It is possible that someone has already created a page for them. If that is the case, you can review the existing article and make any necessary updates or edits. If there is no existing page, you can start a new one.

When writing the content for a Wikipedia page, it is important to keep in mind the site’s guidelines and policies. Wikipedia articles should be written in a neutral tone and should not contain any promotional or biased information. All the information included in the page should be verifiable and backed up by reliable sources.

In order to create a Wikipedia page, you will need to have a user account. Once you have created an account, you can start the process of creating the page. The first step is to search for the artist or band’s name in the search bar. If there is no existing page, you will see a red link that says “Create the page”. Clicking on this link will take you to the page editor.

The page editor is where you can write the content for the Wikipedia page. You can use the editing toolbar to format the text, add links, and insert citations. It is important to note that Wikipedia has specific formatting guidelines, so make sure to familiarize yourself with them before starting.

When creating the page, it is important to include a relevant and attention-grabbing title. The title should accurately reflect the artist or band and be concise and descriptive. It should also be unique and not already used by other Wikipedia articles.

Once you have finished writing the content, it is a good idea to preview the page before publishing it. This will allow you to check for any formatting or grammatical errors and make any necessary changes. When you are satisfied with the page, you can click on the “Publish changes” button to submit it for review.

After submitting the page, it will go through an internal review process. A panel of volunteer editors and reviewers will go through the page to ensure that it meets Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies. If any changes are needed, they will leave notes on the page for you to review and make the necessary edits.

It is important to note that creating a Wikipedia page is not a guarantee that it will be accepted. The page will need to be reviewed by Wikipedia’s community of editors, and they will make the final decision on whether to accept or reject it.

In conclusion, creating a Wikipedia page for an artist or band can be a great way to showcase their work and gain attention from a wider audience. However, it is important to do proper research and gather all the necessary information before starting. Following Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies is crucial to ensure that the page is accepted and remains on the site.

Is the topic notable and relevant

Is the topic notable and relevant

When adding a new Wikipedia article, it is important to first determine if the topic is notable and relevant. Not all topics are suitable for inclusion on Wikipedia, as the encyclopedia aims to provide reliable and verifiable information about notable subjects.

The notability of a topic refers to the level of attention it has received in reliable and independent sources. This can include news articles, books, academic papers, and other reputable publications. Before starting to write the article, it is crucial to check if the topic meets the notability guidelines outlined by Wikipedia.

One way to check if a topic is notable is to search the wiki site itself. Look for existing articles on similar topics and see if the topic of interest is mentioned or included in any of those articles. If it is, this is a good sign that the topic is notable enough for a separate article.

Additionally, it is important to gather enough relevant data about the topic before starting to write the article. This can be done by reading books, news articles, and other reliable sources that provide information about the topic. When gathering information, make sure to take notes of the author, publication date, and URL or other source details for citing them later in the article.

Furthermore, when determining the relevance of a topic for Wikipedia, consider if it is related to other notable subjects or if it has an impact on a larger context. For example, if the topic is about a band or artist, it may be relevant if they have received significant attention or achieved notable accomplishments in the music industry.

Lastly, creating a new Wikipedia article is a time-consuming process that requires careful review. Before submitting the article, it is recommended to seek feedback from experienced editors or use the articles for creation feature, where a panel of reviewers will review the article and provide suggestions for improvement.

In summary, before creating a new Wikipedia article, make sure the topic is both notable and relevant. Check if the topic meets the notability guidelines outlined by Wikipedia and gather enough relevant data. Consider if the topic is related to other notable subjects or if it has an impact on a larger context. Finally, seek feedback and review from experienced editors or utilize the articles for creation feature. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your article will be well-received and contribute to the overall quality of Wikipedia.

Change the title in the URL

When creating or editing a Wikipedia article, it is important to pay attention to the title in the URL. The title in the URL should reflect the topic or relevant keywords about the article’s content. This is especially important when creating an article about a noteable artist, band, or other relevant topics.

Before writing the article, it is advisable to do some research and checking about the artist, band, or topic to ensure they are noteable and have enough reliable sources to support the article. When the article is ready for review, a panel of Wikipedia editors will review the article and may suggest further notes or changes before it is accepted and published.

Changing the title in the URL can be done by clicking on the “Move” link located on the top-right side of the page. This will bring up a page where you can edit the title. It is important to note that changing the title in the URL will also change the internal links within the article, so attention should be given to update the links accordingly.

When creating a new article, it is important to start with a title that is clear and concise, yet captures the essence of the topic. The title should not be too long and should avoid using unnecessary words or vague terms. It is also advisable to avoid using special characters or non-English characters in the title, as this can cause issues with the URL.

When creating a page for an artist, band, or other relevant topics, it is important to include as much relevant data as possible. This can include information about the artist’s background, career, awards, collaborations, and any other relevant information. It is also important to include reliable sources to support the information provided.

In conclusion, changing the title in the URL is an important step in creating a Wikipedia article. It helps to make the article more accessible and relevant to readers, as well as improve the overall organization of the site. By creating a clear and concise title, providing relevant information, and citing reliable sources, you can start writing an article that will capture the attention of readers and contribute to the wealth of knowledge on Wikipedia.

Further reading

If you want to learn more about creating and editing articles on Wikipedia, you can visit the official Wikipedia Help Wiki. This site provides detailed information on how to start writing and creating articles, as well as guidelines and policies that should be followed when adding content to Wikipedia. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to contribute to the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

In addition to the official Wikipedia Help Wiki, there are also many external websites and books that provide further information on writing for Wikipedia. Some notable sources include:

Wikipedia:About This Wikipedia page provides detailed information about the history and mission of Wikipedia.
List of Wikipedias This page lists all the different language versions of Wikipedia that are available.
Writing for Wikipedia: Internal consistency This Wikipedia page provides tips and guidelines for maintaining internal consistency within articles.
Wikipedia:Article titles This page explains the guidelines for choosing appropriate article titles on Wikipedia.

These are just a few examples of the many resources available for learning more about writing for Wikipedia. Whether you are a first-time editor or an experienced contributor, these sources can provide valuable information and guidance to help you create high-quality articles that will be accepted and reviewed by the Wikipedia community.

About the author

The author of this article is a professional writer with expertise in creating and reviewing content on various topics. They have a strong background in writing and have written numerous articles for different websites and publications. They will provide a thorough review of relevant data and other sources to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information presented.

In the case of adding a Wikipedia article, the author will pay attention to the guidelines and requirements set by the site. They are familiar with the process of submitting articles for review and know how to make the necessary changes to ensure the article is accepted. Additionally, they understand the importance of citing reliable sources and will include a list of sources and notes for further reading.

When it comes to the topic of the article, the author will research extensively and gather as much information as possible. They will ensure that the content is well-written and engaging, capturing the attention of the readers. The author will also ensure that the article includes relevant information about the band or artist, such as their background, achievements, and notable works.

Creating a Wikipedia article is a time-consuming process, and the author understands the effort and attention to detail required. They have experience in writing for Wikipedia and know the internal workings of the site. They know how to structure the article, what information to include, and how to format the content properly.

In conclusion, the author is well-equipped to add a Wikipedia article. Their strong writing skills, ability to research and present information, and familiarity with the guidelines make them a reliable choice.



When creating a Wikipedia article, it is important to include reliable sources to support the information provided. Wikipedia articles should not be based on original research, but rather on information from established sources. This helps to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information.

There are various types of sources that can be used for adding content to a Wikipedia article. One common type is an external website or publication, such as a news site, scholarly journal, or official organization website. These sources should be reputable and authoritative, providing reliable information on the topic.

In addition to external sources, Wikipedia itself can be used as a source. This can be done by citing other Wikipedia articles that are relevant to the topic. When using Wikipedia as a source, it is important to check the article’s references and ensure that they are reliable and relevant.

Another important source for a Wikipedia article is the internal panel. The editing history and talk page of an article can provide valuable information about its creation and development. This can include discussions about sources used, changes made, and any potential issues or controversies surrounding the article.

When adding sources to a Wikipedia article, attention should be given to the author and their expertise on the topic. Ideally, sources should be written by knowledgeable individuals or organizations with expertise in the field. This helps to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable.

In conclusion, when adding a Wikipedia article, it is important to include reliable sources to support the information provided. This can be done by using external websites, citing other Wikipedia articles, and reviewing the article’s internal panel. By doing so, the article will be more credible, informative, and useful to readers.

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