Learn How to Create an Accordion Book With Step-by-Step Instructions

How to make accordion book

Accordion books are a great way to showcase your creative side and tell a story with words and pictures. This handmade bookmaking technique has been around for a long time and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from documenting a special event to creating a unique gift for someone you love. In this article, we will show you how to create your own accordion book from scratch, using simple materials and easy-to-follow steps.

To start with, you will need a few basic supplies. Gather some sheets of paper, preferably rectangular in shape, and cut them to your desired size. Keep in mind that the height of the paper should be longer than the width, as this will allow for folding and easy opening and closing of the book. You can use either plain white paper or colored sheets, depending on your preference and the theme of your book.

Next, take one of the paper rectangles and fold it in half along the longer side, creating a crease in the middle. This will serve as the spine of your accordion book. Repeat this step with all the other rectangles, making sure the creases are parallel to each other. When folded, the papers should resemble a long, folded fan.

Now it’s time to create the accordion folds. Starting from one end of the folded rectangle, make a fold in one direction, then flip it over and fold in the other direction. Continue folding the paper back and forth, accordion-style, until you reach the other end. This technique allows the book to expand and collapse, just like an accordion.

Accordion Book Fold

The accordion book fold is a great technique to create a handmade book using a folding method. This style of bookmaking allows you to create a book with multiple pages that can be easily folded and unfolded. In this post, we will guide you on how to make an accordion book fold step by step.

To start, you will need several sheets of paper that will serve as the pages of your book. It’s up to you to decide how long you want your book to be, but keep in mind that the length of the paper will determine the height of each page.

First, fold each paper in half lengthwise so that it creates a crease in the middle. This crease will be the spine of your book, and the folded edge will be the bottom of each page.

Next, glue the folded edges of the papers together, one after the other, to create a long line of folded sheets. Make sure to place the glue parallel to the crease, so that the papers can easily accordion-fold.

Once all the papers have been glued together, fold the whole line of papers back and forth in an accordion-fold. This means that each page should be folded in one direction, and then the next one in the opposite direction, and so on.

When you have finished folding the book into an accordion shape, you can either glue or bind the first and last pages with a folder or a piece of paper. This will help the book to stand up by itself and keep it from unfolding.

Now that the book has been folded and bound, it’s time to write or draw on the pages. You can use this accordion book fold to tell a story, create a wordless picture book, or anything else you can imagine.

This folding technique is usually found in handmade books and is a popular choice for art projects. It’s a simple and fun way to create your own book without the need for complicated materials or tools. So gather your papers and glue, and start making your own accordion book fold!

Step Description
1 Start with several sheets of paper that are folded in half lengthwise.
2 Glue the folded edges of the papers together in a parallel line.
3 Accordion-fold the whole line of papers, folding each page in one direction.
4 Bind the first and last pages to create a stand for the book.
5 Write or draw on the pages of the accordion book fold.

With this simple technique, you can create your own accordion book fold and let your creativity flow. It’s a versatile and enjoyable way to express yourself through bookmaking.


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How to Bind a Book with an Accordion Fold Spine

Binding a book with an accordion fold spine is a great way to create a unique and handmade book. This technique allows you to fold the pages of your book in a way that resembles an accordion or a concertina, giving it a unique and interesting look. Follow these steps to bind your own accordion book:

Step 1: Prepare your materials

Gather all the materials you need to create your accordion book. You will need sheets of paper that are longer than they are wide, glue, and a ruler or bone folder to create crease marks.

Step 2: Fold your papers

Take one sheet of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. This will create a crease mark down the center of the paper. Repeat this step for as many sheets as you need for your book. The number of sheets you use will depend on the desired length of your book.

Step 3: Create accordion folds

Next, start folding the paper in an accordion or concertina-style fold. To create this fold, fold the paper in half lengthwise again, with the folded edge going in the opposite direction of the original crease mark. Fold the paper back and forth in this manner, creating a series of parallel crease marks. This folding technique is called an accordion fold.

Step 4: Glue the papers together

Once you have folded all your papers, align the edges and glue them together. Apply glue along the outside edge of one paper, then press another paper onto it, aligning the edges carefully. Continue gluing the papers together until you have glued all the folded sheets in place. This will create a long, connected strip of folded papers.

Step 5: Create a cover

Now it’s time to create a cover for your book. Take a sheet of paper that is slightly larger than the folded accordion strip. This will be the cover of your book. Glue the folded accordion strip onto the inside of the cover, aligning one edge of the accordion strip with one edge of the cover paper. The other edge of the accordion strip should be left free and unfolded.

Step 6: Finish the book

Your accordion book is nearly complete. You can now write, draw, or add any other content to the pages of your book. The accordion fold allows you to easily stand the book up, with each folded page standing next to each other in a line. This makes it a great format for displaying a long story or a series of images.

In conclusion, binding a book with an accordion fold spine is a creative and interesting way to make your own handmade book. The accordion fold technique allows you to easily bind pages together and create a unique book that stands out from others. Give it a try and see how this folding technique can enhance your bookmaking skills!



Now that you have your accordion book ready, it’s time to write your story. Start by folding your long strip of paper into the accordion-fold. Each fold will be a page in your book, so make sure they are all the same height. You can use a bone folder or the edge of a ruler to crease the folds and make them stay in place.

Once you have your accordion book set up, you can start writing your story. You can either write directly on the pages of the accordion book or use separate sheets of paper that you will later glue to the pages. You can create an interesting layout by writing in parallel lines, or you can write in a regular line-by-line format. It’s up to you how you want to arrange the words on the page.

When writing the story, keep in mind the length of each page. Each page of the accordion book is usually shorter than a regular page, so make sure your story fits within the available space. You can use markers or other decorative elements to highlight important words or phrases in your story. This will make your accordion book more visually appealing.

Once you have finished writing your story, you can bind the book together. You can use glue or other adhesive materials to attach the folded edges of the accordion book. Make sure the glue is fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Writing the story for your accordion book is a great opportunity to let your creativity shine. Have fun with this step and let your imagination run wild!


  • Glues: The type of glue you use is important when making an accordion book. Glue sticks or rubber cement are commonly used to adhere the papers together.
  • Marks: You can use a pencil or pen to make marks on the paper where you need to fold or crease it. This will help guide your folding and keep the folds even.
  • Rectangles: The accordion book is typically made from rectangular sheets of paper. You can use standard printer paper or cardstock, depending on how sturdy you want your book to be.
  • Spine: The spine of the book is where all the folded papers are bound together. You can either glue the papers directly to the spine, or create a separate strip of paper to serve as the spine.
  • Word: This technique is also sometimes called a “word accordion” because each page of the book can be unfolded to reveal a new word or phrase.
  • Parallel: When folding the papers for the accordion book, it is important to fold them in parallel lines. This means that the folds should all be in the same direction and the same distance apart.
  • An accordion-fold: The accordion fold is a simple way to fold the papers for your book. Simply fold each paper back and forth like you would fold an accordion, creating a series of mountain and valley folds.
  • Long fold: The papers need to be long enough to create a continuous folded strip. If your papers are too short, you may need to attach additional sheets to lengthen the accordion.
  • Crease: It is important to crease each fold of the accordion book firmly. This will help the book stand up and hold its shape when fully unfolded.
  • How to: There are many resources online that can teach you how to make an accordion book step by step. You can find tutorials, templates, and inspiration for your handmade book.
  • The whole process of book folding can be a great way to relax and express your creativity.
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