Learn how to build your own Flintstones car and impress everyone on the road

How to make flintstones car

If you want to give your kids a Halloween costume they won’t forget, why not make them a Flintstones car? This large and fun vehicle will definitely stand out among the other costumes, making your family the coolest one on the block.

To make the Flintstones car, you will need some basic materials such as wood, dowels, plywood, and sonotubes. Start by building the main body of the car using plywood pieces and dowels to connect them. Then, attach the sonotubes as the car’s wheels using wood braces.

Once the body is built, you can paint it white to give it the iconic Flintstones look. Use jagged lines and patches to replicate the stone-like appearance. To make it even more authentic, you can add bone-shaped stickers or patches to the sides of the car and a “Flintstones” sign on the front.

Next, make sure the car has wheels that can actually move. Attach wheel kits to the bottom of the sonotubes so that the car can roll smoothly. Fill in any gaps or cracks with wood filler and give it a final touch by wrapping a white belt around the car’s wheel line.

Since Halloween costumes are usually worn by kids, safety is paramount. Make sure that all the parts are securely attached and there are no sharp edges that could potentially harm your little ones. Keep an eye on them while they enjoy riding their Flintstones car.

Now that your car is ready to go, it’s time for your kids to become Fred and Wilma Flintstone or any other Flintstones family member they prefer. They can wear colorful outfits similar to the characters from the show and complete their costumes with props like a club or a bone. Don’t forget to tell your kids to imitate the famous Flintstones running style that we all know and love.

As a fun activity, you can also make a Martian costume for one of your kids, inspired by The Great Gazoo. This green creature from outer space will add an extra touch of uniqueness to your Flintstones family. Just make sure to find the right green fabric and follow the instructions available in costume-making blogs or websites.

Overall, building a Flintstones car for your kids can be a challenging yet rewarding project. It allows you to unleash your creativity and create something truly special for your family. Your kids will have a blast riding their Flintstones car and showing off their unique costumes on Halloween.

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Coolest Flintstones Family Halloween Costume with Hand Built Car

For a truly unique and eye-catching Halloween costume, why not take inspiration from the classic Flintstones family? By creating your own hand-built Flintstones car, you can bring the whole stone-age gang to life in the coolest way possible.

Like Fred’s blog, we decided to shape our car out of white wood. After gathering information from various sources, we knew we had to make the car look like the iconic Flintstones vehicle. With four sides and wheels made from dowels, our car began to take shape. Though it didn’t make sense to include a Martian in our Flintstones costume, we thought it would be a fun touch to make our car look like it was designed by a Martian. We painted the car red and added green accents to give it that extraterrestrial feel.

We started by building the main body of the car using plywood. We then attached the wheels and wrapped the bottom of the car with sonotubes to give it a more finished look. Lastly, we added a large mirror on the front of the car and placed a bone-shaped mirror in the center to complete the Flintstones aesthetic.

To make the costumes for each family member, we took inspiration from the Flintstones’ iconic outfits. Using felt and various other materials, we created costumes that were true to the characters’ appearances. Fred and Barney, of course, had their signature blue and orange outfits, complete with their club-shaped neckties. Wilma and Betty had their elegant yet simple dresses, and the kids had their own miniature versions of the adults’ outfits.

Since Halloween is all about creativity, we didn’t want our costumes to look too perfect or brand new. We added patches and jagged edges to give them a more stone-age look. With the costumes and car complete, we were ready to wow everyone at the Halloween party.

It’s important to note that building your own Flintstones car and creating the costumes is not an easy task and will require some time and effort. We used kits and followed instructions to ensure that everything was built correctly. It took us three years of trial and error to perfect our costumes and car, but the end result was well worth it.

If you’re up to the challenge, this Flintstones family costume with a hand-built car will definitely be the talk of the town on Halloween night. Gather your family and get ready to take a trip back in time with this unique and memorable costume.

Give the Flintstones a run for their money with this fun and creative Halloween costume. It’s guaranteed to be the coolest Flintstones family costume you’ve ever seen!

Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think

After going through the instructions on how to make a Flintstones car, what do you think? Have you ever wanted to give it a try? Did you find the information provided helpful?

For many people, the Flintstones car holds a special place in their hearts. It’s not just a vehicle but a symbol of a fun-loving family that captured the hearts of millions. The main body of the car is painted white, with blue patches on the sides to mimic the Flintstons’ car from the iconic cartoon.

If you haven’t tried making a Flintstones car before, now might be the perfect time to give it a go. Halloween is just around the corner, and what better costume for your little ones than to be part of the Flintstones family?

The instructions provided on the blog, Dragoart, are detailed and easy to follow. They give you step-by-step guidance on how to make the car, from the wooden frame to the final touches. You don’t have to be a skilled builder to make this possible, and since the materials are relatively inexpensive, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One of the coolest things about the Flintstones car is the attention to detail. The wheels are made of plywood with jagged edges to give them that prehistoric look. The legs of the car are attached to Sonotubes, which are wrapped in felt to mimic the Flintstones’ bone-brace feet. The front of the car has a large mirror attached to it, and the kids can sit on bags filled with filler to make it more comfortable.

What did you think of the costumes? Were they a hit with your family and friends? Did anyone mistake your little Barney for the real thing? We’d love to hear your thoughts and see pictures of your creations!

Pros: Easy to follow instructions Inexpensive materials Attention to detail
Cons: Time-consuming to build Some may be disappointed with the final result

Let us know what you think in the comments below! We can’t wait to see your Flintstones car!

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When we decided to make a flintstones car for Halloween, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. We have three kids and the cost of buying costumes each year can quickly add up. Not to mention, their braces are not cheap either. So, we thought, why not make our own costumes this year? After all, it’s possible to create something really cool without breaking the bank.

After doing some research and reading blog posts, we found the main instructions on how to make a flintstones car out of plywood. We cut out the sides and the wheel wells, and then painted the body to look like a martian. We could have painted it any color, but green seemed the most fitting. Then, we attached the body to a large wooden frame using sonotubes. Lastly, we drew a jagged line along the bottom to give it a more authentic flintstones touch. It wasn’t the easiest project, but it was definitely worth it.

Though the process was a bit time-consuming, the end result was fantastic. Our flintstones car looked like it came straight out of the cartoon, and our kids were thrilled with their costumes. They were the coolest kids in the neighborhood that Halloween!

To make the costumes, we used some materials we already had at home. We found old white bedsheets to wrap around their bodies, making them look like Fred Flintstone. For a bone accessory, we took a stick from our backyard and painted it white. Then, we attached it to their costumes using some felt and fabric glue. To complete the look, we found some kits online that provided us with patches to give their outfits a more authentic feel.

As for wheels, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on buying them, so we got creative. We used large cardboard boxes and cut out circles to make fake wheels. We then painted them black to match the car’s tires. They worked perfectly and gave the costumes a finished look.

In the end, our homemade flintstones car and costumes were a huge hit. The kids loved being Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and we were proud of what we had created. It was a fun family project that brought us together and allowed us to show off our creativity. Plus, it didn’t cost us a fortune!

If you’re thinking about making your own flintstones car and costumes, don’t be discouraged by the amount of work it may take. Take a look at online sources and instructional videos to guide you through the process. Get your materials ready and let your imagination run wild. Trust me, the end result will be worth it.



Here are some sources that you can find helpful when making your own Flintstones car:

– If you have decided to make a Flintstones car, you may want to check out the tutorials and step-by-step instructions available on various DIY blogs and websites. These resources can provide you with valuable information and tips on how to build the car with materials found at home.

– Since the Flintstones car has been a popular Halloween costume for kids, you can find ready-made car kits available for purchase. These kits usually contain pre-cut pieces of plywood or other materials, as well as instructions on how to assemble and paint the car.

– If you haven’t found a ready-made kit or prefer to build the car from scratch, you can gather the necessary materials yourself. For the car body, you will need plywood or similar sturdy materials. You will also need dowels or other long pieces of wood to shape the front and rear of the car. Additionally, you may need braces to support the car’s structure.

– To make the car look like Fred’s vehicle, you can use large wheels made of cardboard or other materials. The wheels can be painted black and given a jagged bone-like shape to match the original design. Instructions on how to make these wheels are available on websites like dragoart.com.

– What would a Flintstones car be without the iconic “Yabba Dabba Doo!” license plate? You can make your own by cutting out letters from white fabric or paper and attaching them to a belt or piece of fabric.

– Lastly, if you want to add the finishing touch to your Flintstones car, consider adding some additional details like patches of fur or a small mirror for authenticity.

So, go ahead and gather these materials and get ready to make your own Flintstones car! It’s a fun project that will make you the coolest member of your family.

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