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Foxit how to add signature

If you are tired of using Adobe Reader for adding signatures to your documents, there is a better, more efficient alternative – Foxit Reader. Not only does Foxit Reader have all the functions you need to sign your documents, but it also provides a high level of security.

With Foxit Reader, you can create valid and invalid signatures. It supports various formats such as pdf, scanned documents, and even signed documents from other sources. You don’t have to worry about the security of your signatures because Foxit Reader uses the iText7 algorithm.

Adding a signature with Foxit Reader is easy. Simply open your document, go to the eSign tab, and click on the “Add Signature” function. You can sign with your mouse or even use a predefined signature. Foxit Reader allows you to customize the height, width, and even the font of your signature.

Don’t waste any more time on complicated signing processes. Switch to Foxit Reader and enjoy a faster, more efficient way to add signatures to your documents. Download Foxit Reader now and experience everything it has to offer.

Everything You Need to Know About Foxit eSign Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to Foxit eSign, then look no further.

Introducing our state-of-the-art e-signature solution that offers all the features and functionality you need. With our alternative e-signature tool, you can easily sign your documents electronically and enjoy a seamless signing experience.

Gone are the times when you had to print out documents, sign them manually, and scan them back into your computer. Our e-signature solution eliminates the need for all that hassle. You can sign your documents with just a few clicks from the comfort of your own computer.

Our e-signature tool supports various formats, including PDF, making it easy for you to create and sign documents in the format you prefer. Whether you are working with Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reqader tools, our alternative function seamlessly integrates with them.

One of the key advantages of our e-signature solution is its security. We use a robust algorithm to ensure that the signatures are valid and cannot be tampered with. This provides peace of mind knowing that your documents are secure and legally binding.

Another great feature of our alternative e-signature tool is its height flexibility. Whether you need to sign documents from the comfort of your office or on the go, our solution is compatible with both desktop and mobile operating systems. You can sign documents via any device and at any time.

With our e-signature solution, you can also easily add multiple signatures to a single document. This is particularly useful for documents that require multiple signatories. Whether you are collaborating with others or signing documents for different purposes, our solution can handle it all.

What makes our alternative e-signature tool even more impressive is its simplicity. You don’t need any technical expertise to use our tool. The user-friendly interface allows you to sign documents with ease, regardless of your level of experience.

So, if you are tired of dealing with the limitations of Foxit eSign or if you’ve had issues with invalid signatures or documents in the past, give our alternative e-signature solution a try. Experience the convenience, security, and flexibility that our tool offers. Sign your documents with confidence and efficiency!

Scanned signature via Adobe Reader

Scanned signature via Adobe Reader

When it comes to signing important documents, you may think that using a scanned signature via Adobe Reader is a valid method. However, you need to be aware of some potential issues that can arise from this approach.

Using a scanned signature is convenient and can save you time, as you don’t have to physically sign each document. Adobe Reader is a popular software that allows you to read PDF documents and even sign them electronically. However, there are certain limitations to using scanned signatures in Adobe Reader.

Firstly, a scanned signature is simply an image of your signature. It does not have any built-in security features or algorithm to validate its authenticity. If someone were to take your scanned signature, they could easily copy and paste it onto another document without your knowledge. This means that the scanned signature can be easily forged, making it invalid for legal purposes.

On the other hand, Adobe Reader offers e-signature functionality which allows you to create electronic signatures. These signatures are based on a more secure algorithm and can be validated by the software. By using e-signatures in Adobe Reader, you can ensure the security and integrity of your signed documents.

Adobe Reader is not the only software that offers e-signature functionality. Foxit is an alternative to Adobe Reader and also allows you to sign documents electronically. Both Adobe Reader and Foxit support various document formats and offer similar features. However, if you want to ensure the highest level of security for your signatures, it is recommended to use Adobe Reader.

In conclusion, while using a scanned signature via Adobe Reader may seem convenient, it is not the most secure method for signing important documents. By using the e-signature functionality in Adobe Reader, you can ensure that your signatures are valid, secure, and protected from any fraudulent activities.

Create Document

With Foxit, you can easily create your own documents and add signatures to them. Unlike Adobe, Foxit provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate through the document creation process.

When it comes to signing documents, Foxit has a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can add signatures to your documents using the Foxit signature feature. The signatures added through Foxit are valid and recognized by most platforms, ensuring the security and integrity of your documents.

Alternatively, you can also use Adobe Acrobat to sign your documents. Both Foxit and Adobe Acrobat provide similar functionalities when it comes to signing documents. They use different algorithms and methods to ensure the security of your signatures.

It is important to note that not all signatures are valid. To know if a signature is valid, you need to check if it is created using algorithms approved by the PDF standards. Foxit and Adobe Acrobat both use valid algorithms, ensuring that your signatures are secure and reliable.

With Foxit, you can create documents in various formats, including PDF. Foxit supports everything from scanned documents to editable PDFs, making it a versatile tool for all your document needs.

Whether you’re operating on Windows or Mac, Foxit provides a seamless document creation experience. There’s no need to worry about compatibility issues, as Foxit works well on both operating systems.

With Foxit, you can easily create and sign documents, ensuring that your files are secure and valid. So, why wait? Start using Foxit today and experience the convenience of e-signing documents!

C Itext7 signed pdf signature is invalid in Foxit PDF Reader but valid in Acrobat reader

C Itext7 signed pdf signature is invalid in Foxit PDF Reader but valid in Acrobat reader

If you are operating with PDF documents and need to sign them, you probably know about the importance of a valid signature. Foxit PDF Reader is known for being an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, offering a range of features and options for managing and signing PDF documents. However, there may be cases where the signatures created with iText7 in C# are considered invalid in Foxit PDF Reader, while they are valid in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The issue of invalid signatures in Foxit PDF Reader can be a cause of concern, especially when it comes to the security and integrity of the signed documents. This problem might occur even if everything seems fine during the signing process and the PDF document appears to be valid.

One possible reason for the invalid signatures in Foxit PDF Reader is the difference in the way the two readers handle certain PDF formats and algorithms. Foxit PDF Reader might have a stricter interpretation of the PDF standards, leading to the rejection of signatures that are considered valid by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

It is also worth noting that Foxit PDF Reader might have different default settings for signature validation. These settings can affect the way the reader validates and displays signatures, sometimes leading to false negatives or invalidating otherwise legitimate signatures.

If you encounter invalid signatures in Foxit PDF Reader but not in Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is recommended to double-check the PDF document and the signature creation process. Ensure that the PDF document is properly created, that the signature fields are set up correctly, and that the signing algorithm and certificate are compatible with both readers.

Additionally, try different signing methods or techniques, such as using a different signing function or library. iText7 is a widely used library for creating and manipulating PDF documents in C#, but there are alternative libraries and methods available that might produce signatures valid in both Foxit PDF Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In some cases, converting the PDF document to a different format, such as TIFF or JPEG, and then back to PDF might resolve the issue of invalid signatures in Foxit PDF Reader. This workaround is not ideal, as it involves additional steps and potential loss of quality or functionality, but it can be an option if no other solution is found.

In conclusion, if you are facing the problem of invalid signatures in Foxit PDF Reader but not in Adobe Acrobat Reader, consider exploring alternative signing methods or libraries. It is also recommended to keep an eye on the official documentation and online sources for any updates or guidance regarding signature validation in Foxit PDF Reader.

Remember, having a valid signature is crucial when it comes to the authenticity and integrity of your PDF documents. Ensure that your signatures are properly created and verified to maintain the highest level of security.


To add a signature to your PDF documents, you don’t have to rely solely on Foxit. There are other alternative software options available that provide the functionality you need. Some of these options include:

Foxit Reader:

Foxit Reader is a popular PDF reader that allows you to view, create, and sign PDF documents. It offers a comprehensive set of features and supports various signature formats.

Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat is another well-known PDF software that is widely used for signing PDFs. It offers advanced e-signature capabilities and supports a wide range of signature formats. It even allows you to create valid digital signatures that comply with industry standards.


iText7 is a powerful PDF library that provides extensive support for creating and manipulating PDF documents. It includes a comprehensive set of functions and algorithms for signing PDFs, ensuring the security and integrity of your digital signatures.

Regardless of the software you choose to use, it is important to know that signing a PDF involves more than just adding an image of your signature. A digital signature is a cryptographic mechanism that guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the document. It requires a private key to sign the document and a corresponding public key to verify the signature’s validity.

When signing a scanned document, you may need to convert it to a searchable PDF format before applying the signature. This ensures that the text can be read and validated by the signing software. Many PDF readers, including Foxit and Adobe Acrobat, offer OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities to convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs.

It is worth noting that while Foxit is a reliable option for adding signatures, other software options like Adobe Acrobat offer more advanced features and functionalities. Depending on your specific needs and operating system, you may find that Adobe Acrobat or other alternatives suit you better. Make sure to explore all available options and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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